Follow Mary as she adopts two beautiful white mustang mares, soul sisters, born a year apart.  The mares travel from Oregon to North Carolina.  Once settled, the sisters are gently and carefully taught that they can trust Mary and that humans can be companions and not predators.  These mares are special.  They are part of the Hollywood herd in the South Steens of eastern Oregon.  Their birth and life has be observed and photographed with rest of the wild band.  These dedicated photographers have watched these mustangs and care deeply about their journey after their adoption.  

There is much resting on this particular adoption process as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used a new technique to gather these horses for rehoming.  Call bait trap, it is a gentler, less stressful wait to gather horses off of the range to manage the wild herds.

As Mary works with these mares, there is much excitement as both mares are bred and will have foals sometime this year.  We follow Mary as she works with these two mares to gain their trust, trust strong enough to allow Mary to ride them, and stronger still, to ride without any tack at all.  

Along the way, we find out how wild horses can help hurting people heal.   And how trust, when given unconditionally, can change a hurting heart.

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by Ivy

Ever since I finished my last film, I have been wanting to make a mustang documentary.  I didn’t know what it would be about, but I wanted to showcase very soft methods of gentling.  Then, last September, almost by accident (but we know it was divine intervention) I was able to spend a day at Mary’s where I filmed the short mustang music video (watch here).  Mary and I were amazed that we had both been thinking about making a mustang documentary.

Well, one thing led to another and now we are here with the #SoulSisters.

Our dream is for this to inspire people with the joy and wildness of mustangs.  To realize their own wildness within, their own personal peace, and their capacity for joy and love and connection.

Already, these two mares have touched many people as we share parts of their journey.

As the cinematographer, I focus on capturing those special moments.  I film everything and we are finding the softest, most intimate moments that mean so much.  We are focusing on things that will bring us together, not trying to create drama to drive apart.

We will be filming these mares over the next 12 months, seeing their progress and, ultimately, how they can help draw people closer together.

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Soul Sisters

Omega and Unity

These Soul Sisters have travel across the country to Be Life Farm.  Their journey is inspiring and reaching people all across the country.  Not only are they being trained together, but their journey is being made into a documentary!  Check here for updates.

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