Preparing to Step Into the Magic

As I write this post, it is early afternoon on Friday, March 3rd. It is the day after we returned home from our 17 Day #WildHorseRoadTrip and I am sitting in the kitchen with the door wide open to Be LIFE Farm that we call home.

I am overflowing with Gratitude for the Ethereal Unity that is happening between so many already, all because of two #SoulSister wild horses who were determined to stay together. Who have drawn peace and serenity from one another as they traveled over 3000 miles across the entire country. Who are now resting, renewing one another, as they simply draw from one another’s presence, basking in the warm sun and gentle breeze that bathes this new home.

This afternoon I will finally be able to step over the fence, onto their side. Into their territory. In their herd. I honestly have no plan. I do not know what I will do to engage with them, perhaps I will do nothing? This is different from any wild horse I have gentled in the past, these two are two separate pieces of a beautiful whole and to separate them would create a ‘hole’ within that I do not wish to create. They are Magic together and I simply desire to join in their Magic. Not to split them and force them to look for me for support, but rather my desire is to be invited into the sacred space that they so beautifully share.

So I know the ‘What’ I desire, but the ‘How’?

No, I do not know that any more than I knew the ‘How’ that we would make this recent #WildHorseRoadTrip a reality. But one thing I am learning in life is, it is not the job of my human brain to attempt to figure out the ‘How’ … I could not if I tried and any ‘How’ that I came up with would not be nearly as brilliant as the ‘How’ that can be created by the Unseen.

So, I fully intend to approach this new chapter in this journey in the same way I approached this 17 Day Wild Horse Road Trip. I will set a clear intent of the ‘What’ I desire. Which is to be invited INto the magical Ethereal Unity these #SoulSisters share. And I will be open to the ‘How’ that is meant to move into form day by day, step by step, moment by moment.

Patiently Excited for the afternoon light to be just right so that Ivy Schexnayder can work her magic behind the lens of her camera, as I step over the fence rail.

~ from our light to yours, Mary Miller Jordan & the #SoulSisters

photo by Ivy Schexnayder

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