Side by Side

Tag #3736 & Tag #3737

#SoulSisters side by side in the wild, side by side through the chutes at BLM to get their tag numbers, and side by side here at Be LIFE Farm

I feel I have only just begun to hear the stories from others that feel a parallel in their lives to the bond between the #SoulSisters. I have known for quite some time that my purpose in adopting them was beyond the ‘norm’ and well beyond anything I had done before. For one thing, a ‘horse person’ does not typically intentionally pick out a horse that is so buddied up with another. That is called ‘buddy sour’ … not a Soul connection, right? But, I have known all along this was meant to be about much more than just training or gentling a wild horse.

These #SoulSisters, they are the bridge to the world. A world that is currently afraid to connect. A world that is currently afraid to trust. A world that is currently afraid to be anything, but afraid.

Through their never-ending trust in one another and together their ultimate trust in a world so full of reasons to fear, they will help us all learn to #TrustMore once again.

The fact is, it is a new world every second of every day. We all have the power to see any reality we choose to be. We all have a #SoulSister that has our back, even if we do not know who she is. We all have Ethereal Unity, even if we do not feel the least bit connected. We all have it and the secret to feeling what it is that is already our own is to #TrustMore, once again.

from our light to yours – Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

photo by Ivy Schexnayder (Ethereal is tag # 3737, Unity is tag #3736)

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