Journal Entry 3.27.17

#SoulSisters Journal Entry 3.27.17

I have not shared space with the Soul sisters since last week. The last time I was with them I knew Unity was so close to inviting me into her space that I wanted to wait and be sure Ivy Schexnayder was here to capture it. Once we move past this point, there is no going back. These first touches are everything. A Wild horse NEVER forgets them and my Wild soul is in love with them.

Before I can type much more, I must update you that Ethereal has made it clear that she would like for me to honor her name bestowed on her in the wild, Omega. I fully respect that and though I Love the word Ethereal and how it represents their Ethereal Unity, I also recognize she is an individual as well. She says she is Omega and she knows herself better than I, so that is what I will call her 🙂

So, I have known I was reaching a point where it would really benefit my relationship with the #SoulSisters as a whole, to allow Unity the space to develop a deeper connection with me. She is SO ready and Omega is getting ready, but I knew that if Unity had the chance to move forward in the way she was asking to, it would provide the support and guidance Omega needed to #TrustMore as well. The fact is, though Omega is the first to be first in every situation they are in, it is Unity that is their ground and ultimate guide. Not by telling Omega what to do, nor even showing the way, but by being what Omega craves to feel, what we all crave to feel. That deep grounded connection to what it is that we truly are.

So we did something new. It was smooth and simple. Thanks to Omega’s high food drive, it was easy to slide her to the other side of the rail. Leaving simply Unity and I together, sharing space, just she and I, for the first time.

It went just as I knew it would but so much more. Unity welcomed my presence into hers and I was able to stroke the right side of her neck. Gradually working my way out further, from that safe entrance door we had created. I worked up to being able to touch her side, her back, her jaw and a bit on her left side too. She actually got really into it and started guiding me just where to touch her… that video is coming next 😉 It is hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

As you can see Omega was never worried in the least. It was just one rail between them and they were both very comfortable with the set up the entire time. Later this day, once they were back together, I was able to touch Unity again, even with Omega right at her side. Watching Omega process it all was fascinating. I am so Grateful Ivy is back to capture these unforgettable, yet unrepeatable moments. To be able to share this with you in such a visual way is something I have desired from the first Mustang I touched. And these two #SoulSisters could not be more perfect had I been able to hand pick every quality.

So much is happening so fast. Feeling so thankful for the ride. Even when I get tired, I still feel so very thankful.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

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