What a special day in so many ways. I think this may be one of my favorite clips to date. You can see the trust building, but you still clearly see the dance as well.
It is such a dance. This relationship building process with wild horses and with life. There are times I know I need to dive right in, fully focused and fixated on my goal. And there are times I must draw away and decompress, allowing myself to breath back in the expansion of life.
I Am Herd hosted a single day retreat just last Saturday. It was beyond words. It was all I knew it could be and so very much more. It was Real, True, Honest and Sincere. A place to embrace others in the ongoing journey of self discovery of our own I AM. A place where wild horses are our guides, our mentors, our leaders on this fascinating path. And a place to build a Herd of connection, a Herd of support, a Herd to help ensure that each of us will remember to be brave enough to continue to do the work and allow the release to free our I AMs to be Heard.
Unity spoke of this type of work in her animal communication session with Asia Voight, Professional Animal Communicator. I am in awe of the vision of both Soul Sisters and the new life that forms within, to join our magical Mustang Herd and fill that huge green pasture with colorful, magical wild horses. This is where they will truly be able to do their work. The power of a Herd is tangible. To transform our Be LIFE Farm into a sacred place to support the work of these Mustangs and I AM HERD. It is not only meant to happen, but it is happening. The vision is there and it seems the further I walk in life the faster the reality manifests after the vision has arrived.
#TrustMore is the guidance I have been given again and again by the #SoulSisters. I am taking it to heart and reminding myself daily. It is a big task to paint a world from an Unseen canvas. It can be intimidating. It can be challenging. It can leave me feeling exhausted and worn out at times. But the Unseen canvas, is the only canvas that feels right to me.
So I will continue to dance this dance with these #SoulSisters and dance this dance with this life. Reaching with intent when need be and releasing with vast openness even more so. Trusting More with each step and embracing the honor that has been bestowed upon me.
There is no doubt, to be in their presence is a true Honor. Wild Horses are the royalty of the Unseen realm.
from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters
video by Ivy Schexnayder (YAY she is back!!!)

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