Journal Entry 3.28.17

#SoulSisters Journal Entry 3.28.17

Omega is still unsure, still filled with uncertainty of the ‘unknown’ that exists within me. But to see how Unity is gracing her with such grounded, safe presence, it is fascinating to me.

I am having a hard time coming up with the words to really embrace this experience. To have Unity leaning into me, asking for more connection, deeper scratches – more and more and more. And then to have Omega right there, so close, so curious, yet still so afraid.

I could have easily adopted either one of these amazing souls as an individual. How easy it would have been to make assumptions about ‘all Mustangs’ based on the one that I had adopted. And I think it is clear that those assumptions would be vastly different, dependent on which Mustang it had been. And these are only two, there are thousands of others, each just as unique in their talents, in the strengths, in their fears, in their needs. To assume anything about all Mustangs, based on an experience with one, or even a dozen would seem ludicrous when you recognize the depth of their differences.

Not one wild horse I have been blessed to touch is the same. The quality they share is not so much their similarities, but rather how different they are and how deeply that uniqueness runs through them. It comes from the most sincere part of their Soul. This unique and totally original creation in each and every wild horse.

Just like a wild horse, and just like a wild human, not one is the same. Yet they all come from the same stardust and they all breathe the same wind and they all shine from the same Unseen light, made Seen by their unique vision of this shared existence.

I am so Grateful for the vast differences between these deeply connected Souls. They truly represent everyone of us, in so many ways. Each Soul Sisters and Brothers, yet each vastly unique. Each totally individual, yet pieces of a larger whole.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

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