Journal Entry 3.31.17

#SoulSisters Journal Entry 3.31.17

Connecting with Omega is entirely different than connecting with Unity, but I find that I am loving it just the same, for different reasons.

Omega’s thoughts move FAST, even faster than her feet. I am still amazed at how she has shifted in such a short window of time. In this clip you can see the +R (Positive Reinforcement) being used again. This speaks so clearly to her, because of the simplicity of it and the control it gives her.

In this clip I guide her on the circle and once she offers a nice soft shape to the circle I ‘cluck/click’ to cue her that was correct. I follow with a taste of the Alfalfa from the scoop. This simple task is so empowering to her. It offers her a taste of control, but in a very healthy way. In her eyes, she has trained ME to offer her a gift in exchange for this nice soft circle around me. And she is right, she has! I fully intend to allow her to train me to offer her a gift in exchange for many other brilliant feats as well, just like what you see next in the video.

After her reward for the circle, I invite her to soften into my hand. This is a step by step process and is a bit like a math class in college, there are prerequisites that must be completed first. Actually it all has important layers, or steps. Each fundamental to the next and there is a clear intention that runs throughout it all.

The Intent is to create a soft connection between us. Most of the footage that I have of Omega to date shows her pinning her ears at me and displaying all sorts of signs of dis-test in my general direction. There have been moments of softness, but most of the time there is uncomfortable discontent hanging in the air, from her to me. Having Unity help bridge the gap and show Omega that I am ok was helpful and very interesting, but it was not enough to change Omega’s inner viewpoint. So my Intent to create a soft connection between us is important to recognize and OWN.

Intent is everything. The ‘How’ shows up from the Intent. It is very easy to get hung up in the details of the ‘How’ that we have decided on. This ‘How’ may have initially been based on a clear Intent, but if we lose site of the Intent, the How can quickly take over and we find over-selves fixated and funnel focused and often times digging a hole deep into the How – when perhaps the How no longer serves the Intent.

So, remembering Intent is priority. How is secondary and How will undeniably fluctuate. We must be ready to roll with the How and allow it to do its job, which is to carry us to the Intent. But we deeply limit the power of the How, when we become fixated on what we think it looks like.

Intent – Soft Connection

How – First empower Omega by allowing her to control my cluck by circling me. Once she is showing that beautifully shaped circle, cluck and reward. Once she has done this a time or two she begins to shift to a slightly more grounded state. It is not from being tired, because she is hardly moving around me at all. Just once or twice, but it is in the control and understanding of her situation that moves her towards a place of more Grazing Mode energy.

Once I see this shift towards Grazing Mode, I can cluck and reward it too. I can actually cluck to say “YES Omega” to mark the very moment I see her begin to shift energy from nervous, chaotic energy to energy that is Grazing Mode. And I did that quite a bit. Even standing beside her, when I stood closely at her side and held my hand out, it made her very nervous. I would wait until she softened towards Grazing Mode, just a bit, and cluck to say Yes to that, then reward. So, second is rewarding the shift towards Grazing Mode energy and I can do that within anything she is doing. The circling at movement or standing beside me, or anything else. The key is that whatever she is FEELING/DOING the split second I cluck – that is what she will register as YES. And I can only reward ONE FEELING/DOING at a time. <– This is very important, I can layer things, but can only say Yes to ONE thing at a time.

Invite her to touch my hand. Once, she was consistently moving towards Grazing Mode, I added a new layer by putting my hand by her face and inviting her to move her face into my hand. It was important that I did not touch her at this point, but rather allow her to touch me. This gives her the control and thus gives her comfort.

Something else I want to mention, creating a ‘doorway’ to touch a horse the first time on the FACE is not something every horse desires. Unity did not, her first open doorway was to her neck, not her face. Imagine going up to a friend and petting them on the face to say hello. Not that great of a feeling is it??? Well, imagine having your eyes so far apart that you cannot even see that hand coming to you – plus you are a wild horse and are in preservation mode. I mean, it just makes sense that to force a horse to be touched on the face is pretty intrusive. Unless that is where they choose for their doorway to be. And that was the door Omega picked. Her face. I surely did not want to say no to her doorway, because any doorway that results in a soft connection is ok with me, but I did want to be extra careful in how I opened it up. It was the only way for it to open up. So, allowing her to touch my hand with her face was deeply empowering for her and built her confidence greatly.

Touching her face with my hand. I move my hand to her face to make contact. This is harder than her touching me, and it came AFTER all the above. Also, if at any time I lost where we were at, I would go back to a previous layer. Sometimes all the way back to letting her circle me and saying Yes to the soft circle. Many times going back to rewarding the direction of energy towards Grazing Mode. So, my How kept changing depending on what she needed. … But when she was ready for this step, I would touch her face with my hand and say Yes with the cluck when I made soft contact.

There are so many layers to this, so much more than I can describe in one post or in even a couple of video clips. But it has progressed so very well. The possibilities of all the things Omega can do to get me to say Yes are limitless!

There are no limits, only the imagined ones.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

video by Ivy Schexnayder

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