droplets of the same ocean

I reach out to them as if they are the same, but even my intent within each hand must be unique to connect with two deeply unique #SoulSisters

Omega is the white frothy cap on the wave as it rushes to the shore. Excitedly, anxiously ready to pound itself into the sand and then quickly rush back out to sea.

Unity is the deep dark water that runs so far below the surface, that man cannot even reach the depths of its flow. Waters moving silently among the vast unknown.

Both droplets of the same ocean. The same droplet of water that moves through Unity in the vast depths of the deepest seas, that same droplet travels miles up up up to meet Omega, where it is carried on an adventurous wild ride along the tippy tops of the white water waves and you can almost hear it giggle as it flails itself onto the hot beach sand. Shaping every grain and every shell and every creature, as it wildly and freely moves across.

Shaping simply by its own wild presence. Shaping for but a fleeting moment before it rushes back out to sea, to dive into the depths of the ocean and immerse in Unity once again.

These Wild #SoulSisters are simply vessels, deeply amazing unique vessels for the same droplet of water to shape the sands of this earth by its simple wild presence.

I am honored to share a droplet with them and with you.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

image by Ivy Schexnayder

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