Journal Entry 4.1.17


#SoulSisters Journal Entry 4.1.17

Oh I love this clip! This was just before I took Omega’s tag off and it was the last thing we did in ‘prep’ for that moment.

As I explained earlier, I went through a series of layers to help empower Omega’s confidence with my presence, with the intent of a ‘soft connection’. I used +R (Positive Reinforcement) for much of this, as it really speaks to Omega.

Some of the layers were a shift in Omega’s energy towards Grazing Mode, then Omega touching one of my hands with her face, then her allowing me to touch her face with one hand and then … this …

TWO hands was a new step and quite scary at first for Omega, so I stepped back to her touching my hands, and saying ‘yes’ to that … then progressed back up to touching her face.

(to say ‘yes’ I cluck/click to tag the moment I want to say Yes to and follow with food reward)

I so love how you can see her processing this. You see her shy away a bit at the presence of both of my hands, then you see her process and try to lean into me a bit. I knew she had the confidence within and understanding to do more, to give a more deliberate shift into my hands and so I waited. And she did! You can see her really ease over, letting her face touch both of my hands at the same time! I of course said yes to that!!!

Another benefit for Omega to this type of interaction is it keeps her jaw moving. This simple physical movement in body is one that will help move stored up tension in the horse and help them release. It is why some horses are ‘nervous grazers’ – they go crazy wanting grass when they get nervous. The process of chewing/grazing actually calms them down! So the fact that this keeps her chewing is an added benefit as well 🙂

Next video up is Omega’s tag removal! Similar to Unity’s, but of course

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

video by Ivy Schexnayder

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