Journal Entry 4.2.17


#SoulSisters Journal Entry 4.2.17

Removing Omega’s Necktag!

I love how this deeply meaningful process of removing the necktag, on each of these very unique Soul Sisters, truly showcases how they each think, interact and process. Which is so beautifully different of course, but still the same.

One thing that is the same, is that I strive to read their needs. When they become a bit uneasy with what is happening, I do not rush to complete the task, but rather I do the opposite. I take a breath and create space for us to regroup. The way in which we regroup is very different for each horse, but the need to create the space for it, is the same.

If you recall from Unity’s tag removal video. It was all about energy flow and touch. Oh how her energy is intoxicating! There were moments when she stepped back and I simply mirrored that, walking forward to stay with her, to maintain the same relationship between her physical self and my own. Unity allows me to reassure her by scratches on the neck. I was excited to find a sweet spot under her mane that she LOVES to have scratched. When she became a bit uneasy, that rub under her mane helped her settle back ‘into’ me. And when the tag was fully removed and I drew away, Unity replied by filling the space up deeply and entirely with her presence. Freely flowing right back into mine. It was amazing, it was Unity. (here is the video link if you want to see –> )

Omega’s thinking process was quite different and therefore my way of telling her yes and creating space for her, was equally unique. In the very beginning of the video clip, you see her start to curl her head around to me. This was because she was a bit uneasy about what I was doing. I recognized that and I took the language she and I had created, to pause and just hold my hand still. This is familiar to her and she replied by touching my hand with her face. When she did, I said yes (in Omega’s case I said yes by the click and reward) After she received this confirmation from me that we were still in familiar territory, although I was doing something quite new, she shifted towards Grazing Mode and so I continued.

There are multiple other times I continued to do the same thing. Any moment she became a bit uneasy and shifted away from Grazing Mode I held my two hands out for her to move back into them. When I felt her face and neck on my hands, I clicked to say yes and rewarded and then continued taking the tag off.

You can see I did this multiple times. On one hand it could look like I was simply shoving food down her mouth to keep her distracted. ha! … Honestly, anything can and does look like anything to anyone. The fact is things will and do look drastically different depending on what lens you are viewing them through. When working with another Being, it is deeply beneficial to try to see through their lens, not your own. And this process is deeply beneficial for our own Self as well. Anytime we can get out from behind our own lens and get outside of our Self a bit, it invites a deeply enlightening experience. It invites new clarity and vast room for growth. To move out from behind our current lens is a necessity for new Unseen to move into new Seen.

When you think about how it must feel to Omega, to have this newfound control over a very fearful situation. A control that is safe for us both and fully in our highest good. A control that causes her to relax and softly touch my hand in order to receive a yes and reward from me. I think when you step out from behind your own lens enough to see it a bit through her eyes, it starts to make sense. And most importantly, it surely makes sense to her. And that was her request ‘Make it make sense.”

That is truly my intent with Omega, to get out from behind my own lens so that I can see through hers. It is the only way to become the herd-mate she needs and desires.

They think I am most pleased, with both Omega and Unity, that they both allowed me to help navigate us ‘through’ the process of the tag removal. They both needed different communications styles, but they both were fully engaged and fully willing to create space With me to process things when it became uncomfortable.

It is seemingly such a simple task, to just untie a neck tag, but it means so much to me. It is so representative of moving into something brand new. A new kind of wild freedom. Not a reintroduction of their former lives. Their wild lives on the South Steen mountain could never be recreated under the warm Carolina sun that basks over our Be LIFE Farm. But it is a whole new kind of freedom, and it is wild and amazing in its own way. A freedom where they have 2 legged herd mates, as well as other mustangs that adore them all and make it a personal mission to keep them safe and comfortable and happy. A freedom where their wild Souls will guide the hearts and lives of countless others, through our non profit I AM HERD, a place where horses help humans to ‘hear their own hearts’ – Something a wild mustang knows how to do oh so very well.

A wild freedom where their unique ‘I Am’ is completely honored and respected and where the ‘Herd’ creates an image that is reflected back by this beautiful world in infinite ways.

I am deeply honored to share this path with these wild Mustangs, they continue to be my biggest mentors.

from our light to yours, Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

video by Ivy Schexnayder

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