First Halter for Omega and Unity!

First Halter for Omega and Unity!
I just had to link the footage from each of the Soul Sisters together, because this so embodies their beautiful differences and how I am connecting with each wild horse in their own way.
This is footage from yesterday, the first day I put a halter on either of the Soul Sisters. I worked with each of them for about 30 minutes to prep them for this and the video is the actual First time they had a halter put on.
Unity is first and she has been so in tune to my Energy Flow from the start. I connected with her through mirrored Grazing Mode Energy and she melted into the ground, growing roots deep into the earth and grounding herself in our shared space.
Looking at this you might think she was just oblivious to the halter and not concerned about it at all, but she certainly was cautious at first. (I have not used any ropes or anything of the sort so far, so this is the first introduction for both horses to something that is not just my physical hand, touching them) I did a lot of prep with her, basically practicing every component of putting the halter on, as an individual task. From slipping a rope over her muzzle, to draping a rope around her throat latch, to even pretending to tie the rope beside her left eye. I did all of these things as individual tasks and helped her build confidence with each component before doing it all together.
Unity’s left side is her slightly more cautious side, so for me to tie the halter on her left was a really big deal. She had been uneasy about me touching her ear moments before this footage. So I practiced that and it quickly became something that actually brought her peace, not fear. That is why I am doing it as I halter her.
With Omega, I used an entirely different form of communication, but it was also entirely the same, in that I broke everything down into small pieces and practiced each thing individually. You can only tell a horse ‘yes’ to one thing at a time (this goes for your kids, yourself and the universe too) so when I have a goal that involves the horse experiencing many new things. Like putting a halter on, I must slice it down to all the pieces of it, so that I can clearly say Yes to one piece at a time. It would seem this would be a slow process, but it is amazingly fast, because it actually makes sense to the horse.
So, any of you that have been following know that I am using a lot of Positive Reinforcement (+R) with Omega. Now, this is not just being nice and giving her lots of positive encouragement. I do that with both horses, more so this is actually a technique used by Dolphins trainers (and many horse trainers now days too) It builds confidence in the horse because it offers them some control. It also gives you a crystal clear way to say Yes, that thought was Right! Omega has done very well with it and I thought it only natural to use this communication to introduce the halter.
I broke all the components of haltering down into every layer needed. The layers were different with Omega than Unity, and not because of the different forms of communication, but because of the different doorways in which I can enter each horse. This is a bit of a whole new subject, but in a nut shell, Unity’s door is on her shoulder and Omega’s is in front of her face. So, I took this into consideration as I planned the ‘how’ of placing the halter on each wild horse for the first time.
With Omega, seeing as she loves having some control in the situation, I thought it would be fun to let her meet me halfway and put the halter on herself as much as possible. So our prep was a lot of having her drop her face into the halter. We practiced the nose of the halter separately from the throat latch part. I basically taught her to drop her head until she made soft contact with the rope, be it around her muzzle or under her throat-latch area. We also worked a lot on my hands up high, beside both of her eyes, which was scary for her at first. This was a necessity if I intended to put the halter on from the front, which I did. I also practiced, moving into her left eye to pretend to tie the halter rope. This was the biggest challenge for her, because like Unity, her left eye is her more fearful side (a lot more so that Unity though) but it was amazing how fast she got it. (btw, if you are watching this with the sound off, everytime you see me deliver a food reward to Omega, it follows my ‘cluck’ that tagged the moment she thought about dropping her head, therefore saying Yes to that thought. As we progress I will not continue to need to cluck and reward EVERY time she thinks about lowering her head, Ultimately I will simply hold the halter up and let her drop her nose in and she will keep her head low as I tie it. But at this stage in the process, it serves as a great reminder to her that Yes, she is on the right track, this gives her HUGE confidence and relaxes her)
After all these pieces and layers were fine tuned, we simply put it all together. Which is what you see in the clips, the last step.
Today, I used the same methods to put fly masks on the Soul Sisters (yes, Omega helped me put on her’s 😉 ) and for the first time they could stand in the bright sun and have shade, everywhere they are. I used some old ones I had, as I am still searching for the perfect brand to use for these girls. They will pretty much live in them, so it needs to be just right. I very much appreciate all the feedback for recommendations on fly masks for shade. Lots of options out there.
from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

Journal Entry 4.1.17


#SoulSisters Journal Entry 4.1.17

Oh I love this clip! This was just before I took Omega’s tag off and it was the last thing we did in ‘prep’ for that moment.

As I explained earlier, I went through a series of layers to help empower Omega’s confidence with my presence, with the intent of a ‘soft connection’. I used +R (Positive Reinforcement) for much of this, as it really speaks to Omega.

Some of the layers were a shift in Omega’s energy towards Grazing Mode, then Omega touching one of my hands with her face, then her allowing me to touch her face with one hand and then … this …

TWO hands was a new step and quite scary at first for Omega, so I stepped back to her touching my hands, and saying ‘yes’ to that … then progressed back up to touching her face.

(to say ‘yes’ I cluck/click to tag the moment I want to say Yes to and follow with food reward)

I so love how you can see her processing this. You see her shy away a bit at the presence of both of my hands, then you see her process and try to lean into me a bit. I knew she had the confidence within and understanding to do more, to give a more deliberate shift into my hands and so I waited. And she did! You can see her really ease over, letting her face touch both of my hands at the same time! I of course said yes to that!!!

Another benefit for Omega to this type of interaction is it keeps her jaw moving. This simple physical movement in body is one that will help move stored up tension in the horse and help them release. It is why some horses are ‘nervous grazers’ – they go crazy wanting grass when they get nervous. The process of chewing/grazing actually calms them down! So the fact that this keeps her chewing is an added benefit as well 🙂

Next video up is Omega’s tag removal! Similar to Unity’s, but of course

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters

video by Ivy Schexnayder

Journal Entry 3.28.17

#SoulSisters Journal Entry 3.28.17

Omega is still unsure, still filled with uncertainty of the ‘unknown’ that exists within me. But to see how Unity is gracing her with such grounded, safe presence, it is fascinating to me.

I am having a hard time coming up with the words to really embrace this experience. To have Unity leaning into me, asking for more connection, deeper scratches – more and more and more. And then to have Omega right there, so close, so curious, yet still so afraid.

I could have easily adopted either one of these amazing souls as an individual. How easy it would have been to make assumptions about ‘all Mustangs’ based on the one that I had adopted. And I think it is clear that those assumptions would be vastly different, dependent on which Mustang it had been. And these are only two, there are thousands of others, each just as unique in their talents, in the strengths, in their fears, in their needs. To assume anything about all Mustangs, based on an experience with one, or even a dozen would seem ludicrous when you recognize the depth of their differences.

Not one wild horse I have been blessed to touch is the same. The quality they share is not so much their similarities, but rather how different they are and how deeply that uniqueness runs through them. It comes from the most sincere part of their Soul. This unique and totally original creation in each and every wild horse.

Just like a wild horse, and just like a wild human, not one is the same. Yet they all come from the same stardust and they all breathe the same wind and they all shine from the same Unseen light, made Seen by their unique vision of this shared existence.

I am so Grateful for the vast differences between these deeply connected Souls. They truly represent everyone of us, in so many ways. Each Soul Sisters and Brothers, yet each vastly unique. Each totally individual, yet pieces of a larger whole.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters


What a special day in so many ways. I think this may be one of my favorite clips to date. You can see the trust building, but you still clearly see the dance as well.
It is such a dance. This relationship building process with wild horses and with life. There are times I know I need to dive right in, fully focused and fixated on my goal. And there are times I must draw away and decompress, allowing myself to breath back in the expansion of life.
I Am Herd hosted a single day retreat just last Saturday. It was beyond words. It was all I knew it could be and so very much more. It was Real, True, Honest and Sincere. A place to embrace others in the ongoing journey of self discovery of our own I AM. A place where wild horses are our guides, our mentors, our leaders on this fascinating path. And a place to build a Herd of connection, a Herd of support, a Herd to help ensure that each of us will remember to be brave enough to continue to do the work and allow the release to free our I AMs to be Heard.
Unity spoke of this type of work in her animal communication session with Asia Voight, Professional Animal Communicator. I am in awe of the vision of both Soul Sisters and the new life that forms within, to join our magical Mustang Herd and fill that huge green pasture with colorful, magical wild horses. This is where they will truly be able to do their work. The power of a Herd is tangible. To transform our Be LIFE Farm into a sacred place to support the work of these Mustangs and I AM HERD. It is not only meant to happen, but it is happening. The vision is there and it seems the further I walk in life the faster the reality manifests after the vision has arrived.
#TrustMore is the guidance I have been given again and again by the #SoulSisters. I am taking it to heart and reminding myself daily. It is a big task to paint a world from an Unseen canvas. It can be intimidating. It can be challenging. It can leave me feeling exhausted and worn out at times. But the Unseen canvas, is the only canvas that feels right to me.
So I will continue to dance this dance with these #SoulSisters and dance this dance with this life. Reaching with intent when need be and releasing with vast openness even more so. Trusting More with each step and embracing the honor that has been bestowed upon me.
There is no doubt, to be in their presence is a true Honor. Wild Horses are the royalty of the Unseen realm.
from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters
video by Ivy Schexnayder (YAY she is back!!!)

Journal Entry 3.27.17

#SoulSisters Journal Entry 3.27.17

I have not shared space with the Soul sisters since last week. The last time I was with them I knew Unity was so close to inviting me into her space that I wanted to wait and be sure Ivy Schexnayder was here to capture it. Once we move past this point, there is no going back. These first touches are everything. A Wild horse NEVER forgets them and my Wild soul is in love with them.

Before I can type much more, I must update you that Ethereal has made it clear that she would like for me to honor her name bestowed on her in the wild, Omega. I fully respect that and though I Love the word Ethereal and how it represents their Ethereal Unity, I also recognize she is an individual as well. She says she is Omega and she knows herself better than I, so that is what I will call her 🙂

So, I have known I was reaching a point where it would really benefit my relationship with the #SoulSisters as a whole, to allow Unity the space to develop a deeper connection with me. She is SO ready and Omega is getting ready, but I knew that if Unity had the chance to move forward in the way she was asking to, it would provide the support and guidance Omega needed to #TrustMore as well. The fact is, though Omega is the first to be first in every situation they are in, it is Unity that is their ground and ultimate guide. Not by telling Omega what to do, nor even showing the way, but by being what Omega craves to feel, what we all crave to feel. That deep grounded connection to what it is that we truly are.

So we did something new. It was smooth and simple. Thanks to Omega’s high food drive, it was easy to slide her to the other side of the rail. Leaving simply Unity and I together, sharing space, just she and I, for the first time.

It went just as I knew it would but so much more. Unity welcomed my presence into hers and I was able to stroke the right side of her neck. Gradually working my way out further, from that safe entrance door we had created. I worked up to being able to touch her side, her back, her jaw and a bit on her left side too. She actually got really into it and started guiding me just where to touch her… that video is coming next 😉 It is hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

As you can see Omega was never worried in the least. It was just one rail between them and they were both very comfortable with the set up the entire time. Later this day, once they were back together, I was able to touch Unity again, even with Omega right at her side. Watching Omega process it all was fascinating. I am so Grateful Ivy is back to capture these unforgettable, yet unrepeatable moments. To be able to share this with you in such a visual way is something I have desired from the first Mustang I touched. And these two #SoulSisters could not be more perfect had I been able to hand pick every quality.

So much is happening so fast. Feeling so thankful for the ride. Even when I get tired, I still feel so very thankful.

from our light to yours Mary Miller Jordan and the #SoulSisters